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When a female body shows up and cannot be identified, we often refer to them as a “Jane Doe.” This code has long since signified the secrets of horrible murders around the world. It has acted as the name for many victims in several places — but sometimes, victims receive…

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Since its introduction, true crime has taken the world by storm. This narrative-driven form of reporting has long since played a role in popular spaces. What began with a slow trickle of shows on certain channels has given way to podcasts, novels, and even entire channels.

So, what’s the deal…

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When it comes to random acts of violence, the statistics largely lean towards men. Shayna Hubers, a young graduate student who was locked away for killing her boyfriend, shows that there is no true gender assignment to violence and treachery, even if the odds are stacked against it. This 21-year…

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Given every opportunity in life, Dellen Millard selfishly wastes away in prison after murdering his own father and tossing his ex-girlfriend into a debris incinerator to melt away evidence.

Dellen Millard was a wealthy young man who shocked Canada to its core. Dellen, who was raised by two loving parents…

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Many killers have peculiar obsessions — and many of them seek the more vulnerable in society. For ages, prostitutes have been a common target for psychopaths and serial killers alike, making it a dangerous line of work to be in. Richard Cottingham, known as the “torso” killer, was one of…

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While we know every accused serial killer for dealing with some sort of internal conflict, few seemed to harbor something so strange as Charles Albright. This convicted killer from Dallas, Texas wasted no time in developing quite the reputation, even compared to other killers. What garnered so much attention for…

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We often think of serial killers as lone wolves, single individuals who are satiating some kind of sick and undeniable urge. Though this might be true in some cases, the Bender family has proven to us that serial killing can be a family affair.

Hard Times

The Bender family immigrated from Germany…


Hey! My name is Jon. I’m a writer and podcast producer, as well as a host and creator of the hit true crime podcast, Talk Murder To Me.

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